Saturday, June 20, 2009

weekend of celebrating fathers

Today we are hosting a Father's Day BBQ for my Dad's side of the family and my husband's father. Tomorrow we will go to my Uncle's house to relax by their new pool and celebrate Father's Day with my Mom's side of the family. There will be a lot of fun, relaxation, and socializing this weekend.

This is definitely needed after the week of hard work we had. The floors at the new yoga studio are finished. Now, we just need to put up the baseboard, frame out a door, finish a little touch up paint jobs, and hang a screen wall. It's all gotta be ready to go by July 1! Last night I took my sweet husband out for sushi to try to thank him for all of his endless hard work!

On a different topic, the pups are getting groomed this morning, and my kitties are so excited to have the whole house to themselves. Here's a few photos of Zoey enjoying her dog-less morning.

Wishing you a fabulous father's day weekend!



Shape and Line said...

the studio really looks amazing, great work! the sushi is also quite appealing:)

Shape and Line said...

the studio looks amazing, great work! the sushi is quite appealing as well :)