Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sat. night mini-adventure

At the beginning of the Dynamic Hatha yoga class I attended on Thur., the instructor announced that a group of belly dancers would be at Cooper's Landing Saturday night. I immediately decided I would see if my sweet husband and some friends wanted to go.

Cooper's Landing is an interesting place, to say the least. It's about 20 minutes outside of town, by the river. People can camp at Cooper's Landing, although what I find most interesting is that many people go there for the great Thai Food. Yes, Thai food and camping by the river...interesting combination, huh? My husband and I decided to check out Cooper's Landing for the first time last year, but once we arrived, we were a bit disappointed to find out they only take check or cash, and all we had was our bank card. So, we headed back home. Last night was our first night to actually stay for dinner. We were there with two great friends, and we got a little Belly Dancer entertainment at that (although there were so many people there we were barely able to see the dancing.) Here are a few photos of our evening:

Quite a beautiful sunset by the river, huh? I think it's important to always find ways to take mini-adventures in life--try new restaurants, new foods, explore parks, go camping, have a picnic in you back yard, retreat into the woods, etc. Enjoy yourself, your company, and don't forget to breathe!


naturally nina said...

how cute are you guys?! :)

Lynne from NY said...

Beautiful sunset and an adorable couple!

Sometimes mini-adventures are the ones we love the most and remember the best. Thanks for sharing with photos!!

karmacoy said...

Happy day eight!! I was so sick on the weekend (noro-virus)that I actually couldn't do yoga on saturday so I missed day six and day 48 of my 100 day challenge! But I'm back on my game now!!

Sounds like you had a cool time Saturday night. Belly dancing sounds fun. My belly was doing a different kind of dancing on satrurday night... nothing I would recommend though!!