Monday, May 19, 2008

lilacs, lotions, and all things smelling good

Our lilacs are finally in bloom. I was able to cut some stems and put them in a vase in our living room and bedroom. They make the whole house smell divine. I am passionate about yummy smells. As I'm writing this, I realize how silly that sounds--but it is true. I love lighting smell-good candles (Trapp candles are one of my favorite brands--they are strong and last a long time, burning very clean). I also love putting on smell-good body lotions. I love perfumes. These days, I've even started mixing lotion and perfume smells to make my own special smell-good concoctions. One other smell yummy secret is the lampe burger. This is an oil burner that not only purifies the air but also makes the whole house smell heavenly--there are a bunch of different scents. I currently have a mixture of Wild Grass Fields and Peppermint burning. It is also safer than candles (especially for pet owners) because there aren't any open flames.

I definitely make sure I appreciate the small things in life (as is apparent by this post). I also make sure I take the time and make the effort to surround myself with simple pleasures. If you haven't done this lately, why not today?



Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Just wanted to wish all you Moms out there a Happy Mother's Day. I have not yet taken the leap into motherhood, so I can only speak as a daughter and counselor who works with teenagers and their parents: I do believe that becoming a parent can possibly be one of the biggest sprirtual teachers in this lifetime. At least, as I began thinking about the decision to have a child, that is how I thouoght about it: 1. My husband and I have too much love to give and share, not to have a little one and 2. Motherhood could be a spritual experience and teacher like no other.

Have a great day, Moms!


Sunday, May 4, 2008

10 thoughts

One of my favorite magazines is Body + Soul. In every issue they include a page, "Ten Thoughts on Whole Living" Here are the 10 thoughts from this month's (May) issue:

1. When you commit your dreams to paper, you give them a place to take root.
2. Be mindful of where you put your attention. The shape of your life will follow.
3. When you view your health as nonnegotiable, your priorities naturally shift.
4. Positive change starts with truth, and no one knows it better than you.
5. You're more than just what you do for others.
6. Before you react to an emotion, first consider its source.
7. Learning to let go begins with understanding why you've been hanging on.
8. Do more than understand stress reduction; put it into practice.
9. There's no way to grow without taking a few risks.
10. Setting boundaries doesn't keep others out. It defines where your life begins.


Friday, May 2, 2008

guru for you

"Most people think that 'guru' refers only to an enlightened being. But a guru can manifest as anyone or any aspect of the universe that offers teachings and empowerment. Adopt the posture of a student. Teachings can appear anywhere at any time; if you look for the Guru in all things, then the Guru constantly manifest to uplift you." --Yoga Journal June 2008

I like this description of what a guru is. I think today I'll try to "adopt the posture of a student," and see what I can learn.

Have a presence-filled day Friday!