Thursday, June 4, 2009

beautiful day

Today was my first summer day to get up and not have anything planned. After waking, I did my morning sun salutations and meditation practice, and then my sweet husband and I walked our pups to Starbucks. We sat outside and I drank a nonfat, decaf, vanilla latte while he had his usual black brew. After we got home, I spent a bit of time on the internet, drank a blueberry, banana, soy milk smoothie, and headed to a noon dynamic hatha yoga class. It was truly divine.

I ran by hobby lobby and browsed after yoga. Then, headed home and made a spicy chicken pasta dish for lunch. After my food had some time to digest, I took the pups on our two-mile walk route.

It truly has been the most beautiful day.

Wishing you a beautiful day, too.


1 comment:

Melita said...

sounds like a lovely day. i'm sure it feels like a weekend to you right now!! enjoy it!