Tuesday, June 23, 2009

gratitude list

Today I'm thankful for:

*doors opening
*my morning cup of decaf brew
*sugar and soy milk
*air conditioning
*my sweet husband and all his help
*my yoga studio opening next week
*an upcoming float trip with family and good friends

...did I mention air conditioning? It's supposed to be 96 degrees today with over 60% humidity. I almost feel like I'm back in Jamaica!

I can't believe our four year anniversary is in less than 2 short months!



Ellen in Hawaii said...

what a gorgeous couple!

Melita said...

yay congrats! love gratitude lists! they are so essential.

Lynne from NY said...

Lovely photos!

Don't you just love that first breath of air after walking in from the heat?

Can't wait to hear about your classes in the new studio!

Carolyn said...

GORGEOUS!! y'all make a ridiculously attractive couple!!

karmacoy said...

Lovely photos. and I love your dress! Looks and sounds like it was a very nice wedding!

Also enjoyed the gratitude list although I couldn't help but notice that "sun salutations" was NOT on the list, lol. Dare I ask, how goes the challenge?