Wednesday, June 3, 2009

day 3 & a bit on meditation

Welcome to day 3 of the Summer Sun Salutation and Meditation Challenge. Yesterday was my last day of school for this school year, (yipee!) and we hosted a party for co-workers last night, so I must admit I was feeling a bit depleted of energy this morning. It felt wonderful not to have to set my alarm. Of course being the morning diva I am, I was up by 7:30 a.m. I did my 3 sun salutations, and then followed my body's wisdom and took my bum to the floor for some yummy stretching postures before moving into meditation.

I am by far no meditation expert, and although I only meditated for a few minutes this morning, I probably had 40 different thoughts in my head during that time--one leading to the next-to the next-to the next. I started the meditation focusing on the word "let" on the inhale and "go" on the exhale, and after only a few short seconds, my mind was off to the plans for the rest of my day. Rather than beat myself up about it, I just realized at least I was aware enough to notice my mind taking over and was consciously able to come back to my breath. Even in that short amount of time, for a few glorious seconds, I was able to really sit in the silence and feel completely still and full and well. I am definitely excited to continue this challenge and grow my meditation practice.

Here is your yoga thought for the day:

Be still & let go...



Melita said...

i am enjoying the sun salute/meditation challenge so far. and so far so good :)

Yogadiva said...


Great to know you're joining me!