Wednesday, June 17, 2009

more painting, pictures, and a music recommendation

Today was our 3rd day painting my new little yoga studio space. We've now painted 2 rooms and all the trim, doors, and cabinets. I must say it looks so much better! Tomorrow we lay the floors. Here's a few photos of our work in progress:

Also, for all you yogis and yoginis out there in need of some good music, or those who like to listen to relaxing music...I picked up the Lifescapes "yoga: relaxation" cd at Target last night, and love it. I will definitely be using it tonight for the relaxation part of my power yoga class!
p.s. Hope the Summer Sun Salutation and Meditation Challenge is going well. It's definitely getting more challenging by the day, huh? Remember to relax and breathe!


Chris said...

Your studio is really coming along! It's fun seeing all of the pieces come together.

Romaine said...

Wow, Congratulations for your studio!!! I would love to take a class with you :-)

The Summer Sun Salutations challenge is really getting harder for me everyday! I'm still kind of Beginner, so I'm really struggling at the moment, but it's ok! I do my best :-) The Meditation is not so easy also, my thoughts are always running off....

Wish you all the Best for your studio!

Carolyn said...

i love deva premal :)