Friday, June 5, 2009

my first

Today, I received my first negative comment on my blog--I pretty much knew this was coming since it seems anytime there is someone who is focusing on the good and positive in life, there is always someone who comes along and tries to rain on the parade with negativity. The comment was of course from an anonymous reader, and I want to address a few of the points Mr. or Ms. Anonymous made:

First, I realize I am idealistic, and perhaps even, at times, naive--and while if you can believe it or not, in the past ten years, I would say that I have found myself becoming a bit more cynical, I make a conscious effort daily to focus on the ideal and see as much as I can from a positive light. I hope when I'm 50, 60, or 70 years old, I'm still referred to as idealistic.

Second, I fully and completely know how lucky and blessed I am in this life. I work on a daily basis with teenagers who live in complete and utter chaos and often times unsafe and quite horrible situations. I respectfully don't need anyone else to tell me how lucky I am. I know and am grateful every single day for how blessed my life is.

Third, I must admit the comment about how different my life would be if I had children was one that stung just a bit since I've been trying to have a baby for over a year now and am having major fertility issues. (I have chosen not to write about it here, up until now, because I want this blog to be a place where I focus on the good and positive aspects of life.) With that being said, probably coming from the idealistic part of me...I haven't given up hope on creating a sweet little child some day soon! And yes, I realize my world will be completely and totally rocked when that happens, but I have no doubt when the little gal or guy arrives, I'll be even more grateful than I already am!

Truly, I realize life is hard, (like I said, I see it on a daily basis with my students), and it's no accident that since I've had such a blessed life, I've chosen a career path in which I spend a great deal of my time trying to help others who are living with sometimes constant challenges...depression, drug abuse, abusive parents, poverty, me--that can be a downer. I know I am quite sensitive and often absorb much of the negative stuff my kids are dealing with, so when I am at home and write, I make a conscious effort to switch gears and focus on all the good in life--because I KNOW it's there even more so than the bad.

I've even had a few minor bumps to overcome myself. I am not perfect, and I don't have a perfect life. I am loving, open, growing, grateful, idealistic, and learning and that is what I focus on here. In fact, I'm feeling a bit proud of myself, because in the past, perhaps a negative comment like this one would have made me feel awful and even consider not blogging. But instead, I decided to respond in what I hope comes across as a respectful manner and keep on focusing on the good--and I do have a major exciting change happening in my life right now which I plan to share soon!

So, here's your yogathought for the day:

Listen to critisicm and learn what you can from it. Then, purge it from your mind and focus on your strengths. For only postive and good energy serve you.



Alicia said...

For you to address this way makes me wonder what they said. And honestly, it makes me angry. While I do not have the dedication you do to all you ideals...I read this to help me focus on the positives. Do I do it all the time, heck NO, but I use this as a reminder to do it. So keep posting that positive energy...99.9% of us LOVE IT!! Love you girl!!

BTW - we are on for June 13th!!

Melita said...

wow, i don't even know what to say here. i don't know if i will ever understand someone putting up negative comments. clearly they need to work through some issues of their own. and they definitely need to join us in the sun salute/meditation challenge!! i think you handled this negative comment wonderfully!! you seriously never cease to amaze me with your inner and outer beauty! i am also looking forward to hearing about your exciting change! have a great weekend!

Grace said...

Great response. The comment about being childless would have hurt me too, but for different reasons (I choose to remain childless). You don't have to have children to experience real life. Real life happens regardless.

And I'd rather be idealistic and at times naive than angry at the world all the time. Yes, there is a lot of crap in this world, but remaining positive and enjoying what you have is, I think, I more productive response to the situation.

karmacoy said...

You write with true grace and beauty! I love your positive energy!!

Yogadiva said...


Thanks so much for the support and all the bloglove. I appreciate it!


naturally nina said...

wow, i am shocked too! and yes, it happens to all of us. i got my first nasty one this week too - what is up?

anyway, as everyone else said, you handled this beautifully. and just for the record, i am so sorry about your fertility issues. i have more than one friend in the same boat (and one of them just got pregnant!) so... keep on feeling happy and positive. you deserve all the best in the world.
big hugs!

Kavindra said...

I read you often and never commented before - what's there to say, when you already said it so nicely, right?

Anyway, I want you to know that I am another one out here reading your blog and loving and being inspired by your positive energy. You actually have me embarking on your sun salutation and meditation challenge. I love it, because (at least so far) it is so doable - it builds slowly, which is great for lazy people who need to trick themselves.

I am sorry somebody felt they had to try and poop on your party here. Hopefully they will see the graceful way you handled this, and learn from this whole thing too. I mean, heck, they are reading a yoga blog, so they must be trying to walk the path themselves! Silly fool!

PS I have known so many people with fertility issues - and they all got their motherhood on one way or another eventually. I hope things work out the very best for you.

Thanks for the lovely blog. Namaste.

Lisa said...

From one yoga-loving, childless, messy, hopeful, sometimes depressed and cynical, fragile, courageous, eternally idealistic soul to another....



marinik said...

this is my first time visiting you, and just read your last post, from what i can see on this page you are an inspiring person filled with positive energy, and it's great of you to share that energy with others. as far as negative comments.... people with negative energy only heart themselves, let those words bounce off of you and penetrate their hearts instead. you shouldn't have to explain yourself to anyone. you are brilliant the way you are, don't let anyone make you feel otherwise.
hope i didn't overstay my welcome with my rambling words. may peace be with you, i'll stop by again soon, as i too am a student of yoga and life too... and feel that much can be learned from you :)

Carolyn said...

i'm sorry to hear that you received your first negative comment, but bravo on addressing it so bravely, honestly and beautifully. i adore you and your blog :)

Lynne from NY said...

You have turned a negative into a positive! Love your yogathought and am writing it down to remember when I need it.

Clearly, you have a lot of support and bloglove. What was supposed to bring you down has actually had the opposite effect. Bravo!