Tuesday, July 27, 2010

my mind-body-spirit checklist

This is the list I came up with of the things that I need to help me stay mentally, physically, & spiritually healthy and connected...

*Daily prayer
*Morning Ritual
*Daily/Weekly Affirmations
*Regular Yoga Practice
*Creative Expression
**Playing the piano
**Art/Visual Journaling
**Making cards

**Alone (Leslie) Time

**Having Fun & Enjoying Life
**Saying no when I'm not feeling 100% yes

*Connection to others
**Dates w/ Sweet Husband
**Family Time

*Healthy Eating
**Cleansing a few times each year
**Trying to incorporate clean eating as much as possible

*Regular check-ups
**Dentist, eye doc., girl doc., etc.
**Practicing Mindfulness
**Deep breathing (making sure to take at least 3 deep, full, present breaths each day)
**Listening to Podcasts
**Going to Conferences & Workshops
**Trying out new things
**Taking risks

What's on your list?


if you believe it, it seems true

Love this:

"How often have we said, 'That's the way I am,' or 'That's the way it is.'? Those specific words are really saying that that's what we believe to be true for us. Usually, what we believe is only someone else's opinion we have incorporated into our belief systems. No doubt it fits right in with all the other things we believe.

Are you one of the many people who will get up in the morning see that it's raining, and say, 'Oh, what a lousy day!'?

It is not a lousy day. It is only a wet day. If we wear the appropriate clothing and change our attitude, we can have a lot of rainy day fun. If it is really our belief that rainy days are lousy days, then we will always greet rain with a sinking heart. We will fight the day rather than flow with what is happening in the moment.

If we want a joyous life, we must think joyous thoughts. If we want a prosperous life, we must think prosperous thoughts. If we want a loving life, we must think loving thoughts. Whatever we send out mentally or verbally will come back to us in like form." --Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life


Thursday, July 22, 2010

letting go of the should list

One of the books I am currently reading is Louise L. Hay's You Can Heal Your Life. I just did an exercise from her book that I found very beneficial. And, I was actually a little surprised with my answers. I'd like to share the exercise with you--but I'd ask that you actually DO it. (You will just need a pen and piece of paper).

"Exercise: I Should

The next thing I do is give them a pad and pen and ask them to write on the top of a piece of paper:


They are to make a list of five or six ways to finish that sentence."

(Actually do this-then read on!)

"...I then ask them to read the list to me one at a time, beginning each sentence with 'I Should...' As they read each one, I ask, "Why?"

(Actually do this---answering the why question-then read on.)

"The answers that come out are interesting and revealing, such as:

My mother said I should.
Because I am afraid not to.
Because I have to be perfect.
Well, everybody has to do that.
Because I am too lazy, too short, too tall, too fat, too thin, too dumb, too ugly, too worthless.

These answers show me where they are stuck in their beliefs and what they think their limitations are.

I make no comments on their answers. When they are through with their list, I talk about the word SHOULD.

You see, I believe that should is one of the most damaging words in our language. Every time we use the word should, we are in effect saying 'wrong.' Either we are wrong or we were wrong or we are going to be wrong. I don't think we need more wrongs in our life. We need to have more freedom of choice. I would like to take the word should and remove if rom the vocabulary forever. I'd replace it with the word could. Could gives us choice, and we are never wrong.

I ask them to reread the list one item at a time, except this time to begin each sentence by saying, 'If I really wanted to, I could ____________." This puts a whole new light on the subject.

As they do this, I ask them gently, 'Why haven't you?'

(Do this-then read on.)

"Now we hear different answers:

I don't want to.
I am afraid.
I don't know how.
Because I am not good enough.
And so on.

We often find they have been berating themselves for years for something they never wanted to do in the first place. Or they have been criticizing themselves for not doing something when it was never their idea to begin with. Often it was just something someone esle said the 'should' do. When they can see that, they can just drop it from the 'should list.' What a relief that is."

Hopefully, you can join me and let go of your "should list." It doesn't serve you, or anyone else for that matter, well. If you really wanted to, you could drop it. It's your choice. Goodbye should.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

art journal experience #2

Here is a look at today's creative endeavor. Theme: Beauty

If your heart & eyes are open, beauty is everywhere...

extreme self-care

I found a youtube video today that gave the first 10 steps for extreme self-care. I would say it's a very good list. You can watch it here:


Or just read the list below:

The First 10 Steps for Extreme Self-Care

1. Nourishing Getup Ritual
2. Drink 8 glasses of Water
3. Eat Well
4. Laugh a Lot!
5. Exercise Your Body
6. Exercise Your Brain
7. Write in a Journal
8. Positive Mental Attitude
9. Smile Every Day
10.Relaxing Bedtime Ritual

How many of these do you incorporate into your daily life? Which ones do you need to focus on a bit more? Perhaps choose one or two to make sure you add over the next few days or week. Remember small steps can make a big difference!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

first visual/art journaling experience

I've been thinking about, preparing, reading about, & watching youtube videos about art journaling for about a week now. Today was the day I decided it was time to "Jump In" and do it. So, "Jumping In" was the theme of my pages. I gesso-d (is this a word?) the pages, then used water color crayons for the background. I tore pages from magazines, stamped, painted, and stuck on rhinestones all while listening to Feist radio on Pandora with a yummy Henri Bendel fig candle lit and sipping a home-made mocha (which I must say was pretty darn good). It's been a divine afternoon. Hope yours was, too.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

art journaling...help!

I'm sitting in Starbucks (so thankful they finally got free wi-fi...it's about time!) researching art journaling, and I've decided to take a short break to blog. I have been wanting to begin art journaling for a while now, and I decided today was the day to begin. After I leave Starbucks, I'll be heading to Michael's craft store to pick up a few supplies. I already have a journal I can use, mod podge & brushes, and lots of stamps, ink, and colored pens. Unfortunately before the move, I trashed all my magazines, so I'm going to have to start up another collection of those. I am not really fond of paint, so I don't think I'll be doing much painting in my journal.

I am so very excited about this! I have journaled for as long as I can remember (although my journaling has slowed a bit since I began my blog, but I still do write in it periodically), and the thought of creating a more visual journal is really appealing to me right now. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain all day, and if that is the case, I'll have plenty of time to experiment with my newest form of creative expression.

So at this point, I know very, very little about art journaling & if any of you out there has experience with it, I would love to hear your recommendations, thoughts, advice, etc. Thanks in advance!!!


Monday, July 5, 2010

rain, cycling, & yoga

It is pouring down rain outside as I write this post, and I am snuggled up under a light blanket (I love being covered up in a blanket even in the middle of summer) on our new chaise lounge (I also love chaise lounges, and I've wanted one for years--so excited to finally have one.) I typically am not one who appreciates rain, especially if I have to get out in it; however, there are occasional instances when I really like the rain, and this evening is one of those.

While I'm reading blogs, writing, and exploring on the internet, my husband is vegged out on the sofa watching the Tour de France. He is a cyclist and looks forward to watching this race every summer. While I don't enjoy being on a bike, I do like to watch the races and over the years, I've even learned a little bit about the strategy behind races and some of the lingo. This year, apparently, there is a big rivalry between Lance Armstrong & Alberto Contador. Contador won the tour last year and he and Lance were on the same team. This year they are not on the same team, and I will admit, I'm hoping the old guy (that would be Lance as he is 38 and that is old in racing terms) is able to pull off a win. Guess we will just have to watch and see...

On another note, I am almost embarrassed to admit that I haven't practiced yoga in a few weeks. My sabbatical from teaching has become a short sabbatical from practicing (although I plan to resume' my practice this week.) We've been incredibly busy with the move, and then I slashed the bottom of my right foot, and there was no way I could do the more rigorous practice I was used to, as I could barely walk (was limping around on the ball of my foot most of the time). Now I am recovered & mostly settled into our new home, so I'm looking forward to getting back in my yoga routine. One of the great things about yoga is that it accepts you back graciously whenever you are ready--it meets you where you are.