Saturday, June 13, 2009

setting an intention

Just a little reminder about how important it is to set an intention before you begin your yoga practice. (For all of you along for the Sun Salutation and Meditation Challege, don't forget to set an intention.) Here is a yogathought for today about setting intentions:

"Setting an intention for each yoga session increases mental focus and creates a vibrant practice. Intentions can be general or specific, abstract or concrete. Some examples, 'My intention today is to make peace with myself (or a specific other) both in my pracctice and throughout this day,' or 'Let me complete one hour of yoga practice.' You might think of them as little prayers sprinked over your practice time." --Julie Rappaport



Vienna Maurel said...

Very interesting comment. I personally found that setting an intention adds to my yoga practice by linking it with the rest of my life. It is easy to feel detached, sometimes. To feel we lead different lives. Setting an intention unifies our experience. It's a powerful way to extend the strength and peace we gain through yoga throughout the day.

Eco Yogini said...

setting an intention for my practice has been a new aspect since I've moved to Halifax. It has been very helpful and reminds myself as to why I'm here, why I love yoga, and why I practice :)

Connie said...

I always set an intention at the beginning of my Yoga practice too. Plus, at the end of my practice I always thank the Universe for my practice and for the earth for supporting my practice.

Now that I've said that aloud it sounds a little cheesey! But that's what I do!

(I love the sun salutation challenge you started!! You are amazing. Lots of love to you.)

Peace & Love.