Tuesday, June 9, 2009

present moment living

Here is a yogathought for the day:

If you ignore the present moment, you are missing out on most of the joy in life. You are also doomed to miss most of the hunches, or messages from life, the guidance that will show you what to do next, that will show you what to do to move to the next level.



Melita said...

i love this quote. i try to live in the present while keeping the future in mind ;)

marinik said...

That's good advise, nowadays that's all I have is the now. thanks

Innerspace Yoga said...

i found you via marinik's blog. i love what you're posting, sister. thanks for your insight.

Anonymous said...

Dear Yogadiva, I loved your posts. I googled yoga challenge and your blog came up. I am actually preparing to start my own yoga & meditation challenge (before going to work) so I was looking for inspiration and ideas. Your gradual increment of Sun salutations number is interested but I'd prefere the same practice for the whole challenge. I will keep reading your blog. Namaste, Ana (Croatia)