Thursday, December 31, 2009

goodbye 2009 hello 2010

I cannot believe 2009 is almost over. As always, the year has flown by incredibly fast! I am excited about all that is to come in 2010: so many possibilities...

Today, I finished my list for the Create Your Life*Create a List challenge. I ended up with a little longer list than I had planned. My list has 35 things to do by the time I'm 35. (Originally, I was going to do 30 things, but I just couldn't stop at 30). I have also separated the items on my list into 6 categories:

Personal Growth/Learning

I will post my complete list tomorrow. Also, if you are participating, I would love to be able to post your list here, too. I think it is fun and inspiring to see what others are wanting to create in their lives! Feel free to e-mail me your list at

I hope you have a fabulous New Year!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009


In my last blog post, I officially declared my 2010 word of the year: ADVENTURE. Today, when I got my latest Yoga Journal mag, I took it as a "synchronistic sign" that there was a short article all focusing on living life with a spirit of adventure. Here are a few great quotes from the article that articulate my thoughts on adventure exactly:

"At it's core, adventure is the willingness to commit to an uncertain outcome with an open haeart and an open mind. It is the ability to take a leap into the unknown with mindfulness and grace. Framed this way, opportunities for adventure present themselves to us every day: walking a new route to yoga class, having lunch away from your desk with a co-worker, organize a volunteer project, taking the kids out to dinner and giving your partner the night off.

Adventure isn't something that's reserved for the extreme athlete or daredevil. It is an epression of your heart's intention and passion for life. It's the ability to think big about who you are, how you live, and what yo can do in the world, whether you're climbing mountains, practicing Sun Salutations, or listening to a friend. It is the willingness to embrace challenge and move toward success. It is the acknowledgment that total commitment does not mean blind faith or brazen disregard, but confidence and belief in the face of challenge...

My practice of mindful adventure is not unlike my yoga and meditation practices. It takes work, but the payoff is well worth the commitment. When you approach everything with the spirit of adventure, you infuse your life with vitality and radiance. You find a level of engagement and awareness with everything around you that is deeply satisfying and joyous. Your summits await." --Matt Walker

Wishing you a year of adventure, too!


Monday, December 28, 2009

2010 word of the year

With 2009 quickly coming to a close, I have been thinking about what I want my 2010 word of the year to be. I regretfully do not know which lovely blogger started the word of the year tradition (as I wish I could give credit where it's due), but I love the idea! I have never been one to make New Year's Resolutions as I am constantly setting goals and trying to grow and change in positive ways throughout the entire year; however, I love choosing one word to focus energy and attention on for the whole year.

My 2009 word of the year was action. I know I spend a lot of time in my head--thinking, and planning, and reading, and learning, and thinking and thinking. So, this year, I decided I wanted to focus on taking action. And, it was in this year that I took action and rented a space for my yoga studio. I also had smaller examples of action throughout the year, but opening my yoga studio is definitely my biggest success.

My 2010 word of the year is:


I will admit I do not consider myself a very adventurous person. I also need to explain that my definition of adventure may be a bit different than others. You will not catch me sky diving, bungee jumping, parasailing, rock climbing, etc.--this is not my idea of adventure, it's my idea of insanity (no offense if you've done any of these activities--they are just not for me!) To me, adventure means pushing myself beyond my comfort zone, reaching my edge, taking risks, traveling, exploring, and creating an adventurous life!

Do you choose a word of the year? If so, what is it for 2o1o?


***I think just might be the place the idea of a word of the year originated. Be sure to check her out!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

09 christmas in photos

Hope your holiday was filled with lots of laughter & love!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

sneak peek at my list

I have been working on my list for the Create Your Life*Create a List challenge. I am now up to 24 things on my list--only 11 more to go. I can't encourage you enough to make sure your list is a reflection of what YOU really want. When that little voice creeps in and starts to tell you to be worried about what other people might think of your list, squelch it! This is YOUR life, so it should definitely be YOUR list!

Here's a little sneak peek of some things I plan on doing by my 35th Birthday:

*Read at least 5 business related books
*Learn how to knit more than scarves
*Present a yoga/personal growth workshop
*Audio record some of my yoga classes
*Host another soup and wine tasting party

How is your list going?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This time of year gifts are usually on our minds. Have you thought about the gifts you were given?--and I'm not talking material gifts here. Are you fully using your gifts and giving them to the world? If not, now is the time. You don't have to make huge life changes to start utilizing your gifts. You can start by taking small steps (micromovements, as SARK would say) each week or each day. Don't wait any longer. Give your gifts to the world.


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Sunday, December 20, 2009

holiday party pics

My mom and step-dad hosted a holiday party last night. Lots of good food and drink and people. My mom is a creative genius when it comes to decorating. Seriously, her house is full of eye candy during the holidays! Here are some pics (some of which are very silly) from the evening in front of one of her many gorgeous trees.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

ipod nano love

If you still haven't asked Santa for a Christmas present, and your Santa is generous, I highly recommend the newest version of the ipod nano. My sweet husband got one for me for my birthday, and I am in love! So many very cool additions. I am especially loving the video and audio capabilities. So many possibilities...

Have a blessed day!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

swadhyaya & true colors quiz

Two of the eight limbs of yoga include the Yamas and the Niyamas. Because I believe in the importance of practicing yoga on and off the mat, I definitely think using the yamas and niyamas as guides for deeper living are very important. Lately, I've found myself gravitating toward the Niyamas. Essentially, the niyamas are how we interact with ourselves, our internal word. They are about helping us maintain and cultivate a positive environment in which to grow.

One of the niyamas, swadhyaya, or self-education and study is one that I find incredibly important. Essentially it's observing the self in relation to all life. It is so important to know ourselves in order to bring our best to the world. One of the ways I think we can learn more about ourselves is through personality tests. I find that I, personally, really enjoy these types of quizzes. They help me get insight into myself and how I interact with others. I recently took the true colors quiz, and here were my results:

"BLUE--To Love and Be Loved

Your heart-felt communication style creates peace and harmony in the workplace. You know how to bring out the best in others. As a Blue personality you are gifted with tremendous people skilss. You're a heart felt communicator who has a strong need to make a difference in the lives of other people. This strength is immediately noticeable in the way you make connections and bring out the best in those you encounter. People usually feel relaxed and comfortable in your presence. You love to build self-esteem and make others feel good about who they are. You can easily motivate and inspire people to make changes in their lives and reach their potential. This natural talent makes you excel as a counselor, teacher, social worker and journalist, but the list is far greater in the book."

I am a very strong blue, with green following. Interestingly, I had my sweet husband take the quiz and he was green with blue coming in second. If you'd like to see what color you are, click here to take the quiz! I'd love to hear your color.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

invitation to challenge vlog

I was having difficulty uploading my newest vlog directly to this post and maintaining a good quality resolution, so click here for my newest vlog.


p.s. Feel free to spread the word about this challenge on your own blog, if you'd like! I'd appreciate it. :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

on loss and living

This semester has been an incredibly difficult one filled with loss. At the beginning of the year, we found out one of our beloved co-workers had died of a heart attack while with his 10 year old son over summer break. Early in the semester, one of our kids committed suicide. And, most recently, two of our students were killed by their own father. I do not write about these situations today to cause any sort of sadness or pain. I write because this year there has been so much loss that it has been a constant reminder of the importance of living each day to the fullest, the importance of telling our loved ones we love and appreciate them, the importance of showing kindness to strangers, and the importance of paying attention to beauty and life and love each moment. Live fully.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Create Your Life*Create a List challenge

How is your list making going? I now have 10 items on my list of things to do by the time I turn 35....only 20 more to go! It's somewhat challenging to remind myself that this is MY list, and I shouldn't worry or let what others might think be of any influence on my list. It can be so easy to live/create our lives based on cultural/societal pressures and, while often well-intentioned, the pressure of family and friends. I just try to keep coming back to the question: What do I really want in my life?

So, far I have eight other fabulous women who have committed to participating in the Create Your Life*Create a List challenge. I'd love to have more of you along for this journey. I guarentee you'll move closer to creating the life you truly desire if you join! Click here for more details!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

get your creative juices flowing this holiday

I completely and totally believe that every person is a creative being. I have not always believed this. Somehow as I grew up, I learned the false belief that only those who are actual "artists" are truly creative. I now, thankfully, know this is not the case. I also know that if you've identified with the role of being uncreative or bought in to that false personal story, your creative juices will not flow freely!

So, how can you get your creative juices flowing this holiday season? Homemade gifts are one great way to get creative, give a gift that is truly meaningful, and save a little money in the meantime. There are all types of things you can create and give. If you're having a hard time coming up with something, think about your personal gifts and talents and passions, google homemade gifts, and start doing a little research. Then, take action! In years past, I've made yummy smelling soaps, unique lavender scented eye pillows, and most recently scarves for gifts for family and friends. Here is my sweet husband wearing one of his early Christmas gifts:

So, there is still time to get your creative juices flowing during the holiday season!


p.s. If you are looking for a great challenge to start the New Year, take a look at my Create Your Life*Create a List challenge in the post below! I'd love to have you join me in taking action to create your most authentic and best life!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Create Your Life*Create a List challenge!

I just finished reading the fiction book The Next Thing on My List, by Jill Smolinski, and I am now feeling incredibly inspired. (I will not give any details of the book away here that would ruin it for you, if you plan on reading it, so it's safe to proceed.) Essentially the book is about a woman, June Parker, and her journey to start living a purpose-driven and fulfilled life. June's journey involves surviving a car accident, in which her new acquaintance and passenger, Marissa, dies. After this accident, June finds Marissa's list of "20 things to do by my 25th birthday" and sets out to finish the items on Marissa's list by her would-have-been 25th birthday.

I have always been one to love lists and after reading this book, I have definitely been inspired to write my own list of 30 things to do by my 35th birthday. I am also excited about the idea of other fabulous women joining me on this journey! I would love to see what types of things are on your list, as well as, hear about experiences you have as you start to get things crossed off your list. So, if you are interested in participating, here's the skinny:

1. During the month of December begin working on your list. Think both big and small. Be creative. Be brave. Include simple pleasures and indulgences, as well as things that scare you and push you to your toward your discomfort level (in yoga this is referred to as your edge). Let go of any tendency to judge or worry about what others might think of your list. This is for YOU! (Some items on Marissa's list included: Kissing a stranger, changing someone's life, running a 5K, riding in a helicopter, going on a blind date, getting a massage, watching a sunrise).

2. Include as many or as few items on your list as you want; however, as I will turn 35 in just under 2 years, I decided to go with 30 things to do by the time I'm 35. (I would suggest you plan on finishing your list by December 2011 at the latest--as if you draw the process out too long, you may lose momentum)

3.Complete making your list by Dec. 30, 2009. Once your list is complete--type it up, make it pretty, and display it in a place where you see it daily.

4. E-mail me your list ( If you would rather I not share items on your list, or mention you, just let me know in the e-mail. If you are ok with me including some or all of your list on my blog, let me know!

5. Jan. 1, 2010, start completing items on your list. Feel free to e-mail me updates on how things are going! (Once again, please let me know if you are or are not comfortable with sharing these updates on my blog!)

So, you may be asking yourself, why would I want to participate in this challenge? Here are just a few reasons why:
  • Creating your list will help you define what is truly important to you, and propel you to take the actions necessary to reach your goals.
  • Life is way too short--this will give you direction to live it to the fullest!
  • Sharing the list with others will make you more accountable.
  • It will be a fun adventure!

So, grab a piece of paper, and a pen, (and maybe a few of your best girlfriends) and join me on this challenge! If you'd like to participate--leave a comment or e-mail me at

I'm looking forward to this adventure with you!