Saturday, August 23, 2008

feeling alive

With the daily to-do lists and responsibilities of life, it is easy to forget we are alive...we can become numbed, robotic beings going through the motions all day before crashing into bed. When I am teaching yoga classes, I am always aware of being totally present and fully alive. It is a wonderfully divine feeling.
It is so important to do activites that remind us we are living, breathing, growing, fully alive beings! Sometimes we need to try something new--that pushes us to our edge--or other times we just need to make sure we are engaging regularly in activities that remind us of our living presence in this world.
Breathe, Live--You are Alive.



Connie said...

You have a wonderful blog! Everything you write is inspirational....and I love The Artist Way also!!

Peace & Love.

Yogadiva said...

Thank you! Glad you found me. I checked out your blog, too. I very much admire artists and those who work with young children! Namaste'