Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I just finished up listening to an Oprah soul series podcast of an interview with Dr. Wayne Dyer. Wayne Dyer is one of my all time favorite teachers. (As a side note, in preparation for going back to work, I purchased one of his daily calendars which has an inspirational idea for each day of the year. It's really nice to walk into my office in the morning and the first thing I do is read the uplifting idea for the day. It's important to do these types of little things to help the work environment be a more peaceful and uplifting place.)

During the interview, Dyer was describing the ego as the part of ourselves that identifies with things, with our roles, or with how others view or think of us. We ARE more than our things, our titles, or others' ideas and beliefs about us--it can be hard to keep this truth in focus when so much of this culture tries to blind us from it. It is so important to try to live our lives and make decisions from a place of consciousness and peace, a place that recognizes the inherent worth within us and others. Any other decision can easily be based from ego.
Dyer also described ego as E.G.O.: Edging God Out. Any time we are making decisions from ego, we are essentially edging God out. This description really resonated with me. As Oprah says, I had an "ah ha" moment when he described this. I will definitely be keeping this in mind in my decision making process.

Peace be with you.

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