Tuesday, August 19, 2008

energy management

As I am about to begin a new school year, I am reminded of the importance of managing my time, and just as importantly, my energy. Although I've never run a marathon, (and don't plan too--as neither my body nor my mind enjoys running)I do think there is a similarity between running a marathon and getting through the school year. It's important to start out running strong, but also imperative that you make sure you don't use up all your energy at the beginning because there is a long way to go to the finish line. I definitely plan to be intentional about the way I am managing my time and energy this school year.

Kathy Freston's book Quantum Wellness has a great chapter on Personal Energy Management. Here is just a short excerpt:

"For many of us, the biggest issue is time. We don't know how to prioritize, and we find a zillion pressing reasons to justify not taking the time to care for ourselves on all the levels that make us well-integrated, healthy human beings. But we'll never experience quantum wellness if we keep letting the world sap us dry. We have to decide where to put our energy and ration ourselves according to our deepest values. It doesn't matter what we say is most imporant, it's where we place the bulk of our energy that speaks to who we really are.

Look at how you spend your days and you will see what your priorities are. Most of us are imbalanced in one way or another, we obsess over our kids, or we addictively try to get ahead with work. Some of us get wrapped up in our emotional dramas while others get lost in shopping trips and socializing. We can't just leave our energy free to roam at will or it will just fall into whatever is crying the loudest for our attention. No, if we want a grander and more glorious experience of being alive, we have to recognize the choices we are making and make better ones! Yes, it's as simple as that."

Never forget you are the leader and manager of your own life. Put yourself toward the top of your priority list and manage well!


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