Wednesday, August 27, 2008

attitude of gratitude

I have always believed in the importance of living with a spirit of gratitude; however, I just recently started a gratitude & affirmation journal. (I am just a bit journal obsessed--as I now have 3 different types of journals: a regular journal for writing whatever I feel like writing about, a personal growth journal where I respond to any type of personal growth book I'm reading, and now, my gratitude & affirmation journal). Every night before bed, I write 5 reasons I'm thankful. Every morning when I wake up, I choose an affirmation card (I created these this summer), and I write the affirmation 5 times. I have been using this journal for almost a month now, and I really appreciate how it is such a simple way to help me start my day off with a serene and positive attitude and end my day in gratitude.

Today, I am thankful for:

*the smell of fresh cut grass
*inspirational podcasts
*my sweet hubby
*only 2 more days of schedule changes at work



1 comment:

Mrs. Haid said...

You must be a guidance counselor! I am also super thankful for guidance counselors! They make schools a great place for students and faculty! And schedule changes... sometimes I am greatful for them... sometimes they are real pains!