Friday, August 8, 2008


My husband took this photo of a flower while we were in Jamaica three years ago for our wedding. Such a simple shot captures so much beauty and reminds me of the divine in all.

Here are 10 Thoughts on Whole Living from the Sept. 2008 issue of one of my all time favorite magazines, Body + Soul:

1. Learn to receive what others have to offer, and you'll enable someone else to give.
2. Becoming aware of your habits is key to an intentional life.
3. Your stuff reflects you. As your needs evolve, find new homes for your old things.
4. True release comes from sustained relaxation.
5. Worry narrows; gratitude expands. Find ways to celebrate all that you have.
6. Redifine your idea of clean; focus on removing dirt, not adding chemicls.
7. There's more than one path to long-term health.
8. Pay close attention to pain; your body makes its needs very clear.
9. Savor your alone time. Its restorative power can help you thrive in unexpected ways.
10. Vital change can't be forced. It begins with embracing where you are right now.

Choose the one that speaks loudly to you, and focus your energy and attention on it throughout the weekend, the week, or the next month. See what happens.

Enjoy the beautiful afternoon.


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