Thursday, December 2, 2010

yoga by the fire and growing as an instructor

Last night I did yoga by the fire (I highly recommend this--if you have a fireplace!). I had my Christmas lights on, the fireplace going, and the rest of the lights low. It was a very cozy practice! I actually used a recording of a class I taught January 2010. It's interesting doing yoga to your own voice. For beginner instructors as well as those who are more seasoned, I highly recommend recording yourself occasionally. It can be a good opportunity to learn and grow. Throughout my years instructing, I also found it helpful to give surveys to my clients every year or so. It was always a quick, easy, and anonymous survey, but the feedback was really valuable. Use the more critical feedback in constructive ways (as hard as it can be, try not to let ego get involved), and then throw them away. I think saving really positive surveys is a good idea, though. If you are having a down day, or questioning yourself, pull out those positive surveys to give yourself a shot of confidence! You can also include them in your yoga instructor portfolio to show future employers. Just a few tips I have found helpful!

Happy beginning of December!



Veronica said...

Thank you for de tips. I have just started teaching yoga and I'll definitely do what you suggest.

Y is for Yogini said...

That sounds wonderfully cozy! Must try this! :)