Wednesday, December 29, 2010

holiday 2010 photos

Three holiday celebrations down, and only two more to go. Tonight we are going to an ugly Christmas Sweater party (first one I've ever been too--and it should be fun!) & Saturday night is our final Christmas celebration with my Mom's dad and his wife. Throughout the festivities, we took many photos with our Nikon D60. We bought this camera earlier in the year, but hadn't used it very much. After all the photos we've taken and printed lately, I am very, very pleased with it. (I don't know much about photography, and the photos this camera takes, makes me look like I do!)

Today I took down all our Christmas decorations. While I think having them up makes the house feel cozy & festive, after the holiday, I always look forward to taking them down. Partly, to have it checked off my list of things to do and partly because I appreciate the spaciousness that I feel after everything is down and put away. I've found this is the perfect time to clean up, organize and create space in my life for all the great things to come in the New Year!

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