Sunday, December 5, 2010

peter pan & december intentions

Today I took my nephew to see the children's theater production of Peter Pan. I love the reminder of reconnecting with our child-like spirit this holiday & throughout the New Year.

Here are my December intentions:

*practice yoga at least 2X per week
*go to gym 2X per week
*take nephew to see Peter Pan
*go to Momma's holiday party
*finish reading Wired for Joy
*go to dinner at Glen's Cafe w/ Sweet Husband's parents
*start reading A Course in Miracles & Eastern Body Western Mind
*go to knitting night with lady friends
*make Christmas gift tags
*be fully present at all holiday festivities
*finish knitting scarves
*get together with friend Hayley
*organize jewelry armoire
*type up revised 35 by 35 list
*go Christmas light gazing
*LOVE fully, spread joy, & connect w/ my child-like spirit

What are your intentions this holiday?


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