Friday, January 1, 2010

my list

35 things to do by my 35th Birthday:

1. Connect with more like-minded women
2. Increase communication with Hubby and continue to strengthen our marriage
3. Spend more time with friends: plan dinner parties, shopping trips, spa days, yoga party, etc.
4. Host our 2nd and 3rd Annual soup and wine tasting party

Personal Growth/Learning
5. Learn more about nonviolent communication and mindfulness based stress reduction
6. Learn more about digital photography & Photoshop
7. Participate in an on-line teleclass w/Kimberly Wilson
8. Learn more about and do more vlogs

9. Get a Thai Yoga massage
10.Integrate more natural/organic beauty products and phase out most unnatural ones
11.Keep a daily food journal and practice mindful eating
12.Get a minimum of 3 facials and 3 massages per year
13.Use my plannerpad on a daily basis-keep a food diary, write affirmations, reasons I'm
grateful, and plan fun and adventure time!

14.Learn how to knit more than just scarves
15.Make & send home-made cards
16.Design t-shirts & get them made
17.Change blog layout (learn more about designing blogs)
18.Design and decorate my NEW, fabulous home so that I love, love, love it!

19.Eat at every restaurant in town (locally owned-not fast food or chains) where I haven't yet
20.Travel (out of state) at least twice
21.Spend time reading and sipping coffee in every coffee shop in town
22.Plan and go on a family float trip
23.Get professional photographs taken-individual and w/Hubby

24.Go to a conference or workshop w/Seane Corn
25.Grow my yoga business (include more on-line opportunties, more classes, workshops, etc.)
26.Read 5 Business related books
27.Present a yoga/personal growth workshop
28.Learn more Sanskrit
29.Read 5 yoga books
30.Audio record at least 3 yoga classes and make them available on-line
31.Research coaching certification options
32.Teach a Hot yoga class
33.Write a yoga/personal growth newsletter at least 2 times a year

34.Donate a minimum of $500.00 to local charities
25.Save more $



Melita said...

sounds like a fantastic list! i love every single item on there. i look forward to your yoga audios and newsletter - sign me up!! :)

thank you for everything you do! you inspire me. hugs!!

diana said...

Oh, love your charity goal - that is great!!!
I am sure I will be updating and revising my list almost monthly!
thank you!

kimberly wilson said...

i love your list! how fabulous and thought provoking. cheers to a sparkling 2010. xo

Yogadiva said...

Melita-So glad to have you as a regular reader and commenter. Thank you so much. I also love reading your wonderfully inspring blog. I hope you have a fabulous 2010! I look forward to hearing all about it!

Diana-I will be posting your list on my blog sometime soon. Thanks so much for participating and sharing it!

Kimberly-I'm completely and totally elated that you stopped by! You are such a HUGE inspiration to me. I cannot wait to get my hands on your newest book. I am also looking forward to hearing what transpires for you in 2010!

Namaste' All!

Emma said...

scooted over here from melita's...

definitely an inspiring list. rock on lady!



Yogadiva said...

Emma-thanks so much for stopping by! Wishing you a fabulous 2010!


Young Yoga Masters said...

Happy New Year,

Just found your blog, so I haven't done a list of my own - yet! But I'll be checking back to see which books you're reading, especially the business books. I like reading business books that a yogi can also connect with.

Yogadiva said...

Young Yoga Masters-I'll definitely keep you posted on the business books I'm reading! I'm actually planning my next vlog to be one about books I'm reading and have read that inspired me!

Happy & Peaceful 2010!


karmacoy said...

Ooooh!! I'm a-lovin that list!!

Just been putting the finishing touches on mine today and I will be e-mailing it to you ASAP.

I like how you have categories within your list... I wonder if I do? I do see some definate themes have emerged, heavy on the creativity and personal growth end.

Yogadiva said...

Karmacoy-Looking forward to getting your list! Let me know if you're ok with me publishing it on my blog!

Happy New Year!

Grace said...

That's an impressive list. Mine are normally long too, but I practiced some restraint this year! Of course the one I posted is just for January, hehe.

Yogadiva said...

Grace-yes, the list is pretty long, but considering I have just under 2 years to get everything completed, it should definitely be do-able!


Kiki said...

I have a Thai massage on my 1001/101 Project list as well -! They are divine. I'm looking forward to seeing you cross things off your list, especially trying one of your yoga class recordings!

Looking forward to commenting more on your blog as well - I'm a dedicated reader!

Yogadiva said...

Kiki-Yes...I am very much looking forward to my thai yoga massage. I've been wanting to try one out for years, but just haven't. This is the year! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I wish you all the best in 2010!