Monday, January 18, 2010

karmacoy's list

Here is Karmacoy's list for the Create Your Life Create a List challenge (Thank you Karmacoy for participating and sending me your fantastic list!):

45 things to do before I'm 45:

Personal Growth & Creativity
1. Find a better paying job, possibly with a school board
2. Create at least 2-3 scrapbooks for and with my daughter
3. Design, make and sell (and give away) my own greeting cards and bookmarks
4. Develop a more regular practice for creative writing, songwriting and my blogs
5. Publish one of my children's stories in picture book format
6. Dance more! Maybe sign up for a hip hop class
7. Paint more often. Take a water colour painting class
8. Learn the art of face painting
9. Attend one of Jamie Ridler's Dreamboard Workshops and host one locally
10. Seek some counseling and/or coaching to deal with a few issues

Family, Relationships & Travel
11. Go away on a vacation (somewhere warm when it's cold) with my sweetheart
12. Go on a Road Trip with my Sister-in-law
13. Have a "girls-getaway" weekend twice a year with my daughter
14. Continue to strengthen, explore and discover new aspects of relationship with my sweetheart and deepen our bond
15. Visit my best friend in New York
16. Plan and host a dinner party a couple of times each year
17. Develop deeper, more meaningful friendships
18. Plan and go on a family camping trip
19. Introduce my daughter to 3 new physical activities (skiing, bowling, & ?)
20. Spend more time with my parents

21. Record a cd of Children's music including some of my own songs
22. Go on a music and songwriting retreat of some sort
23. Sing at a minimum of 6 open mic nights
24. Take more vocal lessons
25. Develop connections with other musicians and songwriters
26. Keep up guitar practice, take more lessons
27. Increase repertoire of songs I can play (by 10)

Health & Wellness
28. Become skilled at Menu Planning and organizing healthy meals
29. Schedule at least 2 massages per year
30. Rely less on Grocery Stores, buy more locally and organically grown foods
31. Treat myself to a mani/pedicure at least twice/year and take better care of my hands and feet in general
32. Make healthy, hearty soups more often
33. Cook vegetarian meals more often, try one new recipe 2-3 times/month

34. Take more Teacher Training and read 3-5 new yoga books
35. Study more Sanskrit Chants
36. Write a series of newsletters for my students (2-4 per year)
37. Engage in random acts of kindness weekly
38. Show more gratitude by sending Thank you cards for small deeds (1-2 per week)
39. Dedicate more time to class preparation, developing themes and evaluation

40. Find a wonderful new home that will be just right for us
41. Undertake some major de-cluttering before moving and reorganization afterwards
42. Turn each room of our home into an artistic, comfortable living space
43. Start a small vegetable garden and ask for help from garden friends
44. Make my own wine
45. Organize a space for my painting, scrapbooking and other creative projects

If you'd like to join this challenge, simply send me your list at



Melita said...

love karmacoy's list! thanks for sharing. what a way to make sure we really go for it! hugs!! :)

karmacoy said...

Thanks for posting my list!!

It was a lot of "challenging" fun to create it and now I'm thinking of even more things I could have added.... but I'll just stick with what I've got on my plate for now!

Glad you liked it Melita!