Saturday, January 23, 2010

podcasts i love

I find that listening to podcasts on my ride to work is a great way to start the day off right. Here are a few of my favorite podcasts:'s spirit channel (soul series)
Tara Brach (Tara also wrote one of my all-time favorite books, Radical Acceptance, so check that out if you haven't!)
Tranquility du jour (interviews and musings on living a tranquil life with Kimberly Wilson)
Yoga Peeps (interviews with yoga instructors)
Mudra Moments (2 yoga instructors discussing yoga)

What are some of your favorite podcasts?



YogaforCynics said...

I don't listen to many podcasts, but one of the few I have heard was Tara Brach, which inspired me to read Radical Acceptance and to do a weekend workshop with her...and, hopefully, to do a meditation retreat at the end of February. So, highly recommended from me as well...

Kiki said...

TDJ, Yoga Peeps, and Mudra Moments are three of my favorites as well! I'm also enjoying 'Creative Living with Jamie' of Jamie Ridler Studios, 'Notes from the Voodoo Lounge' with Ricë Freeman-Zachery, and NPR's 'Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me!'

What are your favorite yoga podcasts?

Yogadiva said...

Hi, Kiki. Thanks for your recommendations! I will have to check them out! I don't listen to a lot of yoga podcasts, as I prefer to use video, however, I do enjoy Elsie's Yoga class Live & Power Yoga w/ Dave Farmer. Do you have any yoga podcasts you recommend?


Eco Yogini said...

I really enjoyed Seane Corn's podcast that was linked from Brooks' site last Fall. it was so moving...

Andrew really enjoys listening to Ideas, Stuff you Should Know- and Ideas series "How to think about Science" (from the cbc).

I need to check out these "yoga peeps"....

Melita said...

oohhh, thanks for all of these podcast listings. i am always looking for great new podcasts!!

Yogadiva said...

You're welcome!