Tuesday, January 5, 2010

diana's list

Here is Diana's fabulous list for the Create Your Life*Create a List challenge: (if you'd like to send me your list, and have it posted here, e-mail me at ldgkarma@hotmail.com)

1. Read Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg.
2. Read Nudge by Richard H. Thaler.
3. Continue to see skincare specialist every 8 weeks.
4. Continue to move forward in my yoga practice at home, in workshops, classes and discussions with other yoga teachers. Find my new edge in yoga.
5. Look at certification for PMP (project management professional).
6. Read The Right to Write by Julia Cameron.
7. Read Tranquilista by Kimberly Wilson.
8. Focus on a Yama or Niyama each month -note it in my plannerpad.
9. Practice non-judgment in every day.
10. Peruse the idea of a blog-look into creating, format, content, etc.

1. Get together at least once every 8 weeks to spend the day sewing with my mom.
2. Spend time outdoors with husband every week (I can be a party pooper if the weather is not perfect).

1. Cook two meals each week from one of my cookbooks-learn to cook new and healthy dishes.
2. Keep clutter to a minimum and get rid of one thing for every other thing brought in.

1. Spending hiatus on anything that is not a necessity (food, tp, a bill or automobile fuel). This means no purchases of anything for fun-we learn to live creatively without it. One exception is a new tv stand. It is a planned purchase and unable to buy before the holiday.
2. Pay off $10,000 of debt-credit card, loans, whatever (I will determine exactly what this coming weekend.) This is in addition to our regular monthly payments that we have been making.
3. Save $4,000 for a Christmas vacation in 2010.
4. Develop a monthly budget and stick to it--this includes a weekly allowance for me and my husband.
5. Pay bills every Thursday night according to budget (avoid late fees).
6. Read Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach

Business: (this includes my work life and where I want my yoga teaching to go)
1. Develop a system to keep track of yoga classes, payments in by students and out for studio rental, yoga curriculum, etc. (use computer with back-up system).
2. Develop an official business plan for my yoga teaching--where will it take me?
3. Read Basic Black by Cathie Black.
4. Read Getting Things Done by David Allen.
5. Read Zen of Business Administration by Marc Lesser.
6. Use 2010 Planner Pad DAILY-actually use it as intended to keep track of projects, deadlines and 'to dos'.
7. Begin using time two evenings a week to catch up on work and prepare for the week ahead. These evenings will be Monday and Thursday.

Once again, a BIG thank you to Diana for sending this list. It's always inspiring to see what great plans other fabulous ladies have for creating their lives!


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