Wednesday, January 27, 2010

power of journaling

I have a bit of a confession to make: I took a long-very long-break from writing in my journal. Not necessarily intentionally, but when I started this blog, I found that my journal writing did slow down eventhough what I blog about and what I typically journal about are quite different. Yesterday I busted out my journal for the first time in over a year--yes, that is right--a year. I knew it had been a long while since I had written in it, but when I looked at the last date entered, I was a little shocked because I did not realize I had neglected my journal for so long.

So, what made me get it out? I have been feeling a bit stressed about a few different things in my life--and as much as I've tried to use yoga and mindfulness to release some of the stress, I could still feel it in my mind and body. So, I found myself getting out my journal and writing nonstop for 4 pages front and back. And, I can definitely tell it made a huge difference. The situations I've been preoccupied with haven't changed, but simply by writing about them and my feelings about them, I definitely feel like a weight has lifted. I often advise my students that they should try out writing about their feelings when they are upset or stressed, and this was a case where I definitely needed to take my own advice!

I am and always have been a true believer in the power of journaling. I am right now setting an intention to make sure I am writing in it more regularly this year!

Are you a journal-er? If so, what are your thoughts about it?



Rachel said...

I journal every day and have done for years. I do "Morning Pages" - 3 pages of free writing every morning when I first wake up to exorcise the inner critic. It usually works :)

Yogadiva said...

Hi, Rachel. I also did "morning pages" when I was reading The Artist's Way. I do agree it was incredibly beneficial. I just find it hard to get up early enough since I have to be at work by 7:15 a.m.

Carolyn said...

I took a long hiatus from journaling myself recently. I just... didn't feel like writing, ya know? Lately, though, I've felt inspired to write again, and getting back into it has felt good. But I'm never going to force it because I never want it to feel like a chore. It's supposed to be a release!

Diana M. Raab said...

Hi Leslie

I LOVE your blog and that you've mentioned journaling. As a yogi and avid journaler I agree with all your comments. I also teach journaling and tell my students the importance of making a routine out of the practice like brushing your teeth.

For inspiration, check out my blog,


Melita said...

my journaling definitely waxes and wanes. i have gotten out of the habit as of recent. i know i will get back into my own written word as soon as things with school calm down a bit ;)

thanks so much for your kind comment about popcorn. it meant a lot to me. hugs!!