Wednesday, December 23, 2009

sneak peek at my list

I have been working on my list for the Create Your Life*Create a List challenge. I am now up to 24 things on my list--only 11 more to go. I can't encourage you enough to make sure your list is a reflection of what YOU really want. When that little voice creeps in and starts to tell you to be worried about what other people might think of your list, squelch it! This is YOUR life, so it should definitely be YOUR list!

Here's a little sneak peek of some things I plan on doing by my 35th Birthday:

*Read at least 5 business related books
*Learn how to knit more than scarves
*Present a yoga/personal growth workshop
*Audio record some of my yoga classes
*Host another soup and wine tasting party

How is your list going?


Rachel said...

Hi Leslie - these things from your list look great. I would participate but I am already in the middle of 101 things in 1001 days and I think another list right now would drive me mental :D

One thing I noticed about my list is that it has changed whilst I've been doing it. Some things stopped being important so they came off the list to make way for other things. I think it's important to be flexible.

Wishing you peace and happiness in the holiday season and into 2010

--Rachel :)

Yogadiva said...

I completely and totally understand why you're sticking with one list--and one with 101 things--WOW! I agree flexibility is key. I's love to hear some of the items on your list!

Happy Holidays and Peace to you, too!