Thursday, December 10, 2009

Create Your Life*Create a List challenge

How is your list making going? I now have 10 items on my list of things to do by the time I turn 35....only 20 more to go! It's somewhat challenging to remind myself that this is MY list, and I shouldn't worry or let what others might think be of any influence on my list. It can be so easy to live/create our lives based on cultural/societal pressures and, while often well-intentioned, the pressure of family and friends. I just try to keep coming back to the question: What do I really want in my life?

So, far I have eight other fabulous women who have committed to participating in the Create Your Life*Create a List challenge. I'd love to have more of you along for this journey. I guarentee you'll move closer to creating the life you truly desire if you join! Click here for more details!


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