Wednesday, July 22, 2009

positive affirmations

I was reading through my "personal growth" journal today and came across some great affirmations I wrote in it around this same time last summer. I have gotten a bit out of the habit of writing affirmations, and I'm thinking this is a good reminder to start again.

It seems like we are programmed to think negatively about ourselves, and it can be hard work letting go of the negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones. This is where positive affirmations can help. I am a definite believer in the power of positive affirmations (although I must admit whenever I think about affirmations, the Saturday Night Live character, Stuart Smalley always comes to mind).

Here are a few affirmations I'd like to share (I think most of these came from the book I was reading last summer, Quantum Wellness.) I'd invite you to choose a few that resonate with you and try writing them down multiple times each day for the next week or two.

I see the magnificence of who I am and what my purpose is; I am manifesting great things because of this.

Abundance is mine when I live in a truthful way.

I have access to unlimited willpower, endurance, and focus within myself.

I embody the perfect balance of surrender and action.

I am willing and open to receive blessings daily.

I have choices in my life, and I always choose from a place of truth and love.

(Feel free to begin writing the one that resonated most with you right now as a comment.)



Sharper said...

I so need to get in a habit of writing affirmations down for myself. I am a negative self talker and it feels almost addictive and hard to break. I'm working on it, though.

Oh I started a new blog off of my regular journal blog. I moved all of my yoga posts to it. Now I have my own yoga blog - yay!

Rootless Tree

Pink Heels said...

These are fabulous! You should print them off, decorate them, and then post them around your mirror. It would be a fabulous reminder to start and finish your day with positivity.

La Belle Lumière said...

These are so great — this is just what I needed to read today.

I'm new to your blog, but I love what I'm seeing so far. I'll be visiting regularly!

karim said...

Very Good post on positive Affirmations.

karim - Positive thinking