Sunday, July 26, 2009

grateful sunday

Today, I'm grateful for:

*family time
*a hot cup of decaf coffee w/ 1 teaspoon sugar and soy milk
*fresh flowers
*possible exciting changes on the horizon
*good books
*the sound of running water in fountains
*animal love
*one more week of vacation

What are you grateful for this Sunday?



Sharper said...

I'm grateful that I got to sleep in with no guilt and my dog that's snuggling with me.

A Daughter of the King said...

I'm grateful for my family, God, inner strength and my body. Yesterday, I completed a 9-mile hike for the first time. I pushed through my fear and uncertainty and it was AWESOME!

Yogadiva said...

9-mile hike! Holy Hannah. That sounds like a huge challenge! Congrats!

Mahi said...

I'm grateful for:
1. Having two wonderful children
2. living in a country at peace and democracy.
3. having contact with people from all over the world through internet
4. friends and family
5. health
6. my job
7. being in contact with the sours
puh, I realize I could go on forever with this...
Thank you for an inspiring blog,
Namaste, M