Monday, July 6, 2009

decluttering and p.s. question

After watching a rerun of an Oprah episode yesterday on decluttering, I was inspired to spend the morning cleaning out the storage space under our stairs. Overall, we do not tend to have a lot of clutter in our home. In fact, when I've had people over, I've more than once had them say:

"Where is all your stuff?"
To which I respond, "What stuff?"
"You know, your stuff."

I really try not to accumulate too much "stuff." As I've posted about before, I try only to buy things, both for my home and my wardrobe, I truly love. I also try to use the one in-one out rule--especially for clothing. This definitely helps with not accumulating too much clutter. We do live in a two story house on a slab, so we don't have a lot of storage space; hence, our closets often become quite full and the need to declutter and organize is about once a year. I always put this on my summer list of things to do.

It's always interesting to me how once I clean out a closet or storage space, I immediately feel a little lighter. It's like the space I create in my home translates to more space in my body and mind.

Creating space is a wonderfully freeing feeling! If you have a closet, room, or space that needs to be decluttered, light some candles, turn on some upbeat chill tunes, and enjoy the space you're creating!


p.s. On a side note, I've got my yoga studio blog,, up and running. I'm not incredibly techno savy, and I can't figure out how to get side bars on both side of my blog posts. I looked through the different layouts and don't see that as an option, yet I know it must be because some of the blogs I read regularly have side bar text on both sides. I would be oh so grateful if any of you lovely ladies or gents can help me out here! gracias in advance.

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Grace said...

I am not the kind of person to gather a lot fo "stuff" either, the hubby on the other hand is a clutter bug, always buying weird items and collectiables. It drives me insane sometimes. When I do find something I like, I usually don't get it because there's no place for it, there's already too much stuff! Anyway . . .