Friday, July 3, 2009

celebrations, freedom, and yoga

Last night my hubby and I went out for a celebration dinner in honor of the opening of my yoga studio. We went to a local Asian restaurant, Jina Yoo's, that I've been wanting to try out for months now. We had loads of sushi, and it was fabulous! We will definitely be going back!
We will be doing more celebrating today as we are having our father's day make-up celebration for my Mom's side of the family. And then, of course, celebrating the 4th tomorrow.
It really is such a blessing, that I find is sometimes easy to take for granted, to live in a free country. As I've written about before, part of my life motto is that we create our lives--through our intentions, thoughts, and actions. And, while I fully believe this to be true, I do recognize we create our lives within the circumstances/situtaions that we've been given. I am so thankful that the life I'm creating is here in the U.S.
And, as long as I'm on the subject of freedom, I also want to put a plug in for yoga (I'm sure you're not surprised). One of the many great aspects of yoga is how it literally creates space in your body. All the places that become tight, and tense, and contracted from daily activities and stress are opened up and released. With this release, comes a feeling of lightness, a feeling of freedom, a feeling of expansion and possibility. Now that yoga is a regular part of my life, I literally cannot imagine living a life where I don't make the choice to open my body (and mind) in this way. I cannot imagine living a life where I'm constantly feeling tightness, contraction, and closing in--both mentally and physically.
So, in honor of freedom, the 4th of July, and creating an authentic life you truly desire, try out a yoga class or just do something new that gets you a little bit out of your comfort zone. And, be thankful you have the freedom and choice to try.


Mrs. Haid said...

I am thankful for Jina Yoo's, too!

The lunch menu is quite different than dinner, which is a neat thing.

Try "Sin City"... my favorite sushi EVER.

Pink Heels said...

Enjoy celebrating all of the many blessings that have bestowed upon you! It is truly a beautiful time in your life. Congratulations!

shinyyoga said...

congratulations on yr studio, congratulations on the joy in yr life right now and the smile on yr face, the peace in yr heart.

what a truly lovely and sparkly time for you - enjoy!! xx