Friday, July 10, 2009

home and yoga month 09.2009

We are back from KC. It was a good trip (The Q Hotel & Spa was great), but as always, it's nice to be home again. Here are some photos of all the places we explored:

Vinyasa Flow Yoga at Maya Yoga was incredible. We took the noon class with Kathleen, and we definitely got our money's worth! It was a very rigorous class (to say the least). Half way through, I was wishing I had a towel because I was drenched in sweat, and it was running down my face and in my eyes. But, it felt oh so good to be challenged!

Speaking of yoga, Yoga month 2009 is quickly approaching! Creative Space Yoga will definitely be participating. Encourage your family and friends to receive the gift of yoga! Check out to see if a studio near you will be a part of the wonderful event!


Lynne from NY said...

Mid-week jaunts are great, you avoid the crowds. I keep hearing about World Market but there are none in the NY

Looks like you had fun, thanks for sharing!

Melita said...

loved your photos! oh how i wish i could take one of your yoga classes. maybe you could consider an mp3 or vidcast or something for us so far away ;)

Yogadiva said...

I am very interested in doing a podcast or vidcast in the future! I'll definitely let you know when I do!

take care,