Saturday, October 25, 2008

swap striving for arriving

In yoga, it is important in every posture to balance the effort we put forward with surrendering. As we are getting into a pose, we are putting forth effort but there is a point when we must stop trying, stop striving, stop doing and just arrive, just be in the posture--be there unattached to the results of our efforts, no judgments, no self-criticism, just pure bliss in being exactly where we are.

This, I know, is much easier said than done--both on the mat and off. Every time I find myself unahappy with the results of my efforts, or questioning why situations are not happening as I would like them to, I have to make a conscious effort to stop these thoughts and know and trust that there just might be a bigger and better planner out there for me than I by myself. I have to remind myself that perhaps I should stop trying so hard to create something and just allow myself to arrive right where I'm supposed to be--right here, right now.

In Wayne Dyer's book, Change Your thoughts--Change your life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao, he discusses the idea of trading in striving for arriving. Here is your yogathought for the day from Dyer's book:

"Letting go is a markedly distinct physical and psychological experience, much different from striving. Let go of your demands, along with your beliefs that you can't be happy because of what is supposedly missing in your life. Insisting that you need what you don't have is insane! The fact that you're okay without what you think you need is the change you want to see. Then you can note that you already have everything you need to be peaceful, happy, and content right here and right now. Relax into this knowing..."

Relax into this knowing.



BelleEnchanted said...

This is so very beautiful. Simply being is a place I've been finding myself more and more lately. Your description of it is perfect.

Mrs. Haid said...

What a wonderful post! I struggle with just being in the moment, not planning for the future or ruminating in the past. I took a fabulous class - MBSR - that had such good insight into that philosphy.

I appreciate your blog because it reminds me daily of a balanced life and the importance of returning to my once regular yoga practices.

Connie said...

Your words always hit the spot!! Thank you for sharing from your heart.

Peace & Love.

Yogadiva said...

Just wanted to thank all of you who leave comments on my blog. It definitely fills my soul up knowing that I might make a small, but positive difference in the lives of others!

Truly--Thank you.