Monday, October 27, 2008

music's good for the soul

The summer before last I purchased an ipod nano. This is definitely one of my all time favorite technological gadgets--I'm not much of a gadget type girl, but I love, love, love having all my music right at the touch of my fingers on one cool device. I also appreciate the ability to easily create playlists, hit shuffle and listen to a wide variety of my music, as well as download podcasts.

I always enjoy knowing what other people are listening to as well as being introduced to new artists and music, so I thought I'd share a small sampling of my favorite ipod tunes:

Favorite Yoga Music:
Yoga Rhythms: music to energize the flow of yoga
Yoga Groove
Yoga Rhythm by Soulfood
Yoga One
Yoga Moods
Le Spa Sonique
Yoga Planet
YogaFit's Music for Peaceful Paradise

Favorite Female Artists:
Nora Jones
Sarah McLachlan
Yael Naim

Favorite Male Artists/Groups:
Robin Thicke
Nick Drake
David Garza

Hope you have a music and love-filled week!



Pink Heels said...

I am not near my stereo but based on your music preferences, I have the perfect music for your next solo yoga practice. I'll definitely get you the information. You will love it.

Yogadiva said...

Would love to hear your music recommendations. Thank you in advance!


diana from pa said...

Can you share Pink Heel's music recommendations? I love yours and would probably love her's too!
Thanks to you in advance!!!
The right music makes everything better.