Monday, October 6, 2008


Equanimity is an even, balanced state of mind. A mind that is free and open. It cannot be upset by gain or loss, praise or blame, pleasure or pain. It is calm and patient.

Praciticing yoga can help us begin to experience moments of equanimity. An equanimous mind is definitely a useful state of mind to cultivate in the midst of an often chaotic, busy, and stressful life.

I am thankful for all those moments, no matter how brief, when I experience equanimity. I am beginning to recognize my inner state of equanimity when dealing with situations that used to result in feelings of anxiety, stress, and worry.

I am discovering that equanimity is true freedom--freedom from the addictive patterns of thought. I have found that although defined as an even state of mind, it is actually an experience that occurs not in the mind, but in the moment, in the breath.

Wishing you many moments of equanimity this week.

Ask. Be open. Believe. Receive.



Caroline said...

Oh that is great to read...I need to find my equanimity (and stay there for awhile!)

Caroline said...

Stop by my blog later...I have something for you :)