Wednesday, November 10, 2010

yummy hot chocolate recipe

So, it really hasn't been all that chilly around here this week, but after our trip to Hy-Vee tonight (why are grocery stores always so darn cold?), I was craving some hot chocolate. My mom has a wonderful hot chocolate mix recipe, so I whipped some up tonight. Just fyi...this recipe makes a huge amount, so beware and use a gigantic bowl to mix it in. It's great to give away for little holiday gifts.

Holiday Hot Chocolate Mix
*1 box dry milk that makes 8-10 quarts
*1 lb powdered sugar
*1 box of chocolate milk mix
*8 oz. low-fat nondairy creamer
*marshmallows or whip cream to top

Add hot water to a 3-4 heeping spoonfuls of mix. Stir. Marshmallows or whip cream to top.



Lynne from NY said...

I have to try this, and what a great idea to give as a gift. I've been seeing reasonably priced holiday jars out there...add some pretty ribbon and voila!

I'm also interested in your mention of homeade bath fizzies. Now there's a gift I'd like to give myself :)

Thanks for sharing!

Commanda13 said...

I make a similar one that I got from Family Fun magazine, but with smaller amounts.

Where did you get your red arm warmers? They look so warm and cozy. I need to find some!

Yogadiva said...

Lynne--bath fizzies recipe to come!

Commanda13--Love me some arm warmers! I got mine at Target, but it's been few seasons ago!

Commanda13 said...

oooh, bath fizzies sound like fun!