Tuesday, November 9, 2010

leslie time

I'm sitting at Panera Bread enjoying a bagel, cup of coffee & some Leslie-time. I've been at a counseling conference since Sunday (counselors have such good energy!), and this morning I woke up and knew a little alone time was in order. The conference has been great. I've gone to sessions covering overindulgent children, using love and logic, suicide prevention and assessment, and personality theory. The final keynote speaker is this morning at 9:45 a.m., then I'll be heading back home. When I was teaching, I never felt like I could take the time to get away and go to professional development opportunities. Although it is hard to get away, I now understand the importance of going to these types of events. It's so good to be around other professionals and learn from them. I've also enjoyed connecting with some of my girl co-worker friends. Girl-time is another necessity for the soul!

This week at work is also only a four day week, so I will only be working two days (although I know they will be two days with four days of work crammed in!) I scheduled a massage Thursday night to kick off my 3-day weekend. I'm feeling just a wee bit spoiled...but it is my birthday month!

How can you grow, learn, & take care of yourself this month? Don't just think about it! Do it.


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LizF said...

Thanks for the reminder! I've been needing some pampering myself.