Sunday, November 14, 2010

love 3 day weekends

This weekend was a 3 day weekend, and it is always amazing to me how much difference that extra day makes! Love it! And, I get another one next weekend because I'm taking Friday off for a personal day--I always try to take a day off around my birthday to spend some extra time reflecting on the year and thinking about the direction I want to go in the upcoming year. Not getting older, only getting better. :) Here are a few photos from this weekend.

This is a shot of my new black bow ring. Couldn't resist... This is my cute new hat (Charlotte Russe) and matching scarf (Marshalls). Love me some pink!

Went to the King's Daughters Festival. Didn't buy a thing, but did get a cute bag.
Sipped some Adam Puchta wine.
Got cozy by the fire.
Did some knitting with a loom.

Breakfast at Panera
with my Sweet Husband.
Shallac-ed my nails. (Love this beautiful, rich color: Fedora w/ Hot Chilis over the top).
Now I'm at home listening to George Winston's Autumn cd, blogging, smelling a yummy chicken in the oven, and loving life.
Hope you had a great weekend, too!


Lynne from NY said...

That's the kind of weekend that makes you smile!
What a cute hat...I've been eyeing a similar one via Avon. The catalog picture is plum with bronze metallic threads (different!) but the online photo is blah. So I'm not sure. Maybe a little shopping trip is in order? Wish we had a Forever 21 nearby, I'd get your pink one in a heartbeat.
Enjoyed your photos!

Judith Kaufman said...

I really love the tiles in your new home. Where did you get them?

Yogadiva said...

Lynne--I wish we had a Forever 21 around here, too. The closest one is a two hour drive!

Judith--thanks! We love the tile, too. It's a nice combination of irredescent and stone. We actually special ordered it from Home Depot!

Yogadiva said...

Ok--I just remembered that that hat actually came from Charlotte Russe--not Forever 21...oops! I got a cute black one with a flower from Forever 21!

Lynne from NY said...

Leslie - thanks for the tip! Charlotte is in our mall, I love that store. Guess where I'm going this weekend?!?! BTW, check out their website, some very, very cute sparkly beanies. Decisions, decisions.
ps) Your iridescent tiles are beautiful, what a great idea.