Saturday, November 20, 2010

yoga cues to take off the mat

These are some cues I use throughout my yoga classes. They very difinitely have just as much use off the mat as on...

*When feeling most challenged, use your breath to help you remain calm

*Inhale-let, Exhale-go, Inhaling-let, Exhaling-go

*Equally balance your effort with your surrender

*Notice places that do not need to be working, and allow those places to relax and soften

*Breathe deeply

*Check in with your body

*Look at the space between your thumbs and visualize the direction you want to go in life, now take two steps in that direction

*Tune in to your body's wisdom

*Allow yourself to let go of doing, and just be

*Your stronger than you know

*Be compassionate with yourself

*As you breathe in, invite in anything you may need more of in your life right now (compassion, strength, health, wellness, etc.), just breathe it in, then exhale and trust

*Listen to your body

*Tune in to your strength and feel it fully

*Allow yourself to be grounded, rooted, and centered

*Open to stillness

May we know truth.
May we speak in truth.
May we live our truth.



liz said...

What a lovely inspirational post, thank you.

Lisa said...

True wisdom. Thank you.