Tuesday, September 29, 2009

music's good for the soul

I am still totally and completely in love with pandora.com. For all you music lovers out there, here is my updated station list:

Michael Manring (not sure how to describe this, but you should definitely check it out)
On Ensemble (same as above)
Baby Got Back (a little embarrassed about this one, but I do enjoy the beat and memories of
these songs!)
Diana Krall (jazzy)
Feist (alternative female)
Michael Buble (oldies)
Natalie Walker (alternative female)
Brian Eno (ambient--so relaxing)
Dido (alternative female)
Thievery Corporation (electronica/chill)

Enjoy the music.


Marie said...

Love, love, LOVE Feist!!! Also, Baby Got Back is a national treasure :)

karmacoy said...

What a wonderful assortment of Canadian Treasures!! Michael Buble, Feist and Diana Krall, all Canadian! Unfortunately, I cannot listen to Pandora up here in Canada, it is not available to listeners out of USA.

Yogadiva said...

I didn't realize they were Canadian. So sorry to hear you can't access Pandora in Canada, though.

Carolyn said...

Music is SO good for the soul! I just saw Thievery Corporation at Austin City Limits Music Festival, and they were amazing live!! Also have seen Buble live. ADORE!