Thursday, October 1, 2009

the four-letter word


Here are some thoughts about fear from the book Positive Energy:

"Fear is the biggest energy thief there is. A master seducer, it shamelessly robs us of everything good and powerful, preys on our vulnerabilites. Many people become mesmerized for a lifetime, letting negative attitudes seize control. Enough! Though some fears are intuitively protective... we can't let the irrational ones bamboozle us. Fear never stands alone; it inflames every vampire emotion from worry to shame....

May fears are self-induced. We don't mean to, but we inflict an emotional terrorism on ourselves when we let our dark side run amok. The self-sabatoging messages we send, including the 'I'm-not-good-enough' harrangue, distort reality. To ensure we're perceiving ourselves accurately, we must look through the lens of love....

7 Tactics for De-Engergizing Fear:
1. Name your Fears So They Can't Ambush You
2. Listen to Your Intuition
3. Say a Prayer to Lift Fear
4. Make a Gratitude List
5. Visit and Energetically Uplifting Place
6. Heal Energetic Scars
7. Avoid Absorbing Other People's Fears"
--Dr. Judith Orloff

It's so important to try and live our lives on a daily basis from a place of love rather than fear. We especially need to be aware if we are making decisions from a place of fear, as our decisions are essentially creating the tapestry of our lives. If we want a life we love, we must choose to act from love. Get rid of that four letter word once and for all!