Sunday, September 13, 2009

trust the wisdom of flow

I will admit: I've been having difficulty going with the flow lately. I've been resisting what is and trying to control situations that are somewhat out of my control. This resistance creates negativity and takes up way too much energy. So, my mantra for this week, will be: "I surrender and trust the wisdom of flow in my life."

Here is a great quote from the book, Positive Energy, by Judith Orlff, M.D. about trusting the wisdom of flow:

"Flow is perfect attunement with a larger-than-self energy that carries us through our lives. I veiw this energy as Spirit, compassionate and wise. Trusting the wisdom of flow means going with what's presented to us as gracefully as possible, rather than flailing around in opposition. Our life's flow propels us in certain directions. Of course, we do everything possible to create optimal outcomes, but we also must know when to ease off. The art is learning to go where the current takes you rather than maniacally micromanaging every detail of your existence. If you've ever swum against a powerful ocean current, you know how your energy can be futilely depleted. The same thing happens when you fight the flow of life.

Going with the flow safeguards your life force. Thus, to keep flowing, you have to know when something is in your power to control or not. The Serenity Prayer helps clarify this, as do the deep-listening practices of meditation, silence, and prayer....please appreciate: Letting go doesn't mean giving up. It's having the sense to know when it's optimal to explore new possibilities. This frees energy, whereas forcing breeds negativity. If you can't directly influence external events, you can always influence your attitude."



Sarah said...

I so needed to read this post today! Thank you for sharing it. I haven't been making time for Yoga or for meditation, time in nature, daily journaling, juicing or so many of the other things that Flow is directing me towards. And yes, my energy is depleted. So depleted.

I needed this reminder!

Melita said...

thank you for this post. it really resonated with me.

Lindsey said...
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