Saturday, September 12, 2009

yoga love

10 Reasons For My Yoga Love:

1. It keeps me grounded.

2. It relieves mental and physical tension and stress.

3. It makes my body feel juicy and oh so yummy.

4. It reminds me I am alive.

5. It makes me strong, balanced, and aware.

6. It challenges me every time I step on the mat.

7. It's not just a physical practice but a way of life.

8. It reminds me of my connection to others.
9. It has been a huge catalyst in self-exploration, self-love, and self-acceptance.

10. It helps me consciously create my life.

Do you have yoga love? If so, why?


p.s. This photo was taken last fall. I can't wait for the weather to cool off enough to get my arm warmers and scarves out again!

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Zippy Mama said...

Love this list! Will definitely think about it and post a similar list on my blog in response!