Monday, September 7, 2009


When I think about energy and how it operates in life, I am excited, amazed and in awe. I don't often talk about this subject, as I don't want anyone to think I'm living in my own little "woo-woo" world. Even though I don't discuss my strong belief in the importance of tuning in to the energy in our lives, I know I radiate a certain energy that others can probably pick up on, and so they might just believe I'm in my own little "woo-woo" world anyway.

I recently began reading a fabulous book, Positive Energy by Judith Orloff, M.D., and although I realize I'm risking the "woo-woo" title here, I felt compelled to write about this subject today. First, as I was reading, I realized that I fit the description for an intuitive empath in many ways. Essentially, this means I pick up on and easily absorb the energy of those around me. Orloff describes intuitive empaths as people who are highly sensive and often don't like to be in big crowds because of the energy they absorb. For me, I am fine in crowded situations, (although I do crave alone time), in that I don't feel like I absorb the energy of others unless I am interacting directly with them. I now know this is one reason my first year counseling was so very difficult for me: I would take in all the negative energy of the people I was counseling. As a result, I felt drained, depressed, fatigued and at some points, hopeless. To this day, I am still working on not losing my energy by absorbing that of others.

Here are some questions Orloff provides to help you figure out if you, too, are an intuitive empath:

"Ask yourself:
  • Have I been labeled as overly sensitive?

  • If a friend is distraught or in physical pain, do I start feeling it too?

  • Am I drained in crowds, going out of my way to avoid them?

  • Do I get anxious in packed elevators, airplanes, or subways?

  • Am I hypersensitive to noise, scents, or excessive talking?

  • When I see gruesome newscasts, does my energy plummet?

  • Do I get burned out by groups, require lots of time alone to revive?

Discovering you're an empath can be a revelation. Putting a name to a very real intuitive experience legitimizes your perceptions. It also pinpoints where you're losing energy so you can regain it."

Orloff goes on to explore the importance of getting in touch with our intuition, our wise inner voice. Today it is all too easy for our intuitions to get drowned out by the busy, multi-tasking, workaholic world:

"Do everything you can to find intuition. Whether you're following your gut, scoping out someone's vibes, or grounding yourself in the midst of turmoil, be fierce about your inner listening. From that center point, feel your life's rhythm. Synchronize with it and watch your positive energy grow. Resist the rhythm and see how your energy dwindels. The art of living is to listen to signals. There's an ease to letting your insticts guide. Intuition isn't a luxury; it's mandatory for a joyous life. Risk trusting it. I guarantee: your energy will flourish."

"Intuition isn't a luxury; it's mandatory for a joyous life." When was the last time your listened to it?


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karmacoy said...

Wow! This sounds like a great book and I will definately be looking for it.

I can relate to many of these empatic characteristics.

Just on the weekend I was invited to two get togethers. The first was a group of new people who I had never met (only the hostess). I love meeting new people, but it always drains me!! After leaving this party, I was to go to another with some friends to celebrate a friends birthday... and I was just too exhausted to go. I felt guilty for not going, but I knew that I had just reached my limit and found myself thinnking, "but my friends won't understand, I'm sure any one of them would be able to handle two social functions in one day".

Thanks for your post, I needed to read that today and stop apologizing for the way I am!

ps.~I'm with you on the too much junk food front...not sure about going raw, but I'm definately upping my fruit and veggie ratio over the next few days!