Thursday, April 16, 2009

natural high

I am on a natural high: I just purchased my newest book, and although I've only read the forward, preface, and introduction so far, I am already feeling euphoric about all the wisdom, insight, and lessons I'm going to be receiving. This particular book has been on my "wanna read" list for years, and within the past month it has been brought to my attention multiple times in multiple ways, so I've decided these are signs, and now is the time. Ater work, I headed to Barnes and Noble and purchased A Return to Love: Reflections on the principles of a Course in Miracles by Marianne Williamson.

Here is my first nugget of wisdom from the book:

"The Course seemed to have a basic message: relax. I was confused to hear that because I had always associated relaxing with resigning. I had been waiting for someone to explain to me how to fight the fight, or to fight the fight for me, and now this book suggested that I surrender the fight completely. I was surprised but so relieved. I had long suspected I wasn't made for worldly combat."

relax and goodnight...



lynette said...

thank you for inspiring....

Nerdy Renegade said...

Hi YogaDiva~ Glad to have found your blog via karmacoy via blisschick :-)

I'm enjoying what I've read so far!

Thank you for the reminder to just relax. I'm oh-so guilty of struggling unnecessarily and staying in the trying mode too much of the time (kinda like the little engine that could!).

I think I have this book on a shelf somewhere upstairs. I'll have to go find it right now and take a deep breath into further release and just BE-ing.