Thursday, April 16, 2009

hello spring

Yesterday warmer and sunny spring weather finally arrived, and today I am excited to say I'm even wearing one of my favorite short-sleeved peace t-shirts. It's always such a good feeling to break out the short sleeved shirts and sandels after the long winter months! I like to wear fitted t-shirts to work and dress them up by putting a long lace-bottomed tank under them and wear them with slacks and heals. I purchased my t at the big T--Target. It was only $12.99...gotta love those Target bargains!

Here is your yogathought/questions from Life Coach, Jennifer Louden's, book, The Life Organizer:

"Your contentment and happiness are dependent not on the events of your life but rather on how you perceive those events and choose to respond to them."

1. What would truly nourish me today?

2. Are my beliefs and private thoughts supporting me?

3. What one thought could I change that would allow me to be more at peace today?"




lynette said...

Thanks, I needed to read this, this morning as I wake up with unproductive thoughts swirling through my head.

Melita said...

jennifer louden is such an inspiration! #2 is something that i believe we should ponder more. i think our "self talk" is truly important and shouldn't be overlooked. i am trying to me more conscious of this. thank you for reminding me.