Saturday, April 25, 2009

blossoming morning and afternoon

This morning after teaching yoga, I headed straight to a few different garden centers around town. I then spent the afternoon planting. It always feels so good to plant that first pot of flowers. It's like a symbol that winter really is over. I still have some more planting to do, however. We always plant zennias in our front bed, but the garden centers I went to didn't have a very good variety. I also have some more pots to fill. There is a huge garden center outside of town that I didn't make it to today, so I will head there next weekend. After I get everything planted and gowing, I plan to take some photos and share them. The back patio and front porch are two of our favorite places to be during the spring and summer!

Hope you've had a blossoming morning and afternoon, too.


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Melita said...

i spent yesterday and today planting flowers and re-potting my seedlings. i love putting my hands in the dirt this time of year. it is, like you said, the sign that winter is finally over.