Monday, April 13, 2009

easter pics and thoughts

Here are a few photos from Easter 09. The first one is beautiful Easter tulips my sweet husband surprised me with. I love, love, love having fresh flowers in my home! The second is my handsome husband and me at my Aunt and Uncle's house for our family Easter celebration. I am lucky in that I always enjoy spending time with my family. They are a lively and fun bunch! Speaking of lively, I've also posted a picture of the sunglasses my Grandma Nana showed up in...rhinestone covered aviators...yes folks, I attribute some of my unique, fun and creative fashion sense to my Nana. :) I remember when I was in high school, I occasionally used to even borrow Nana's clothes...she was hip even then! As a side note, I hope to be wearing rhinestone aviators when I'm 80+ years old!

After the family celebration, my sweety and I came home and snuggled in bed the rest of the night with the pups. It was a really rainy and cold day, so we decided to spend some down time vegging in our bed. It made for an end to a great day, and boy, do I feel rested today!
The yogathought today is paraphrased from the minister Kristin Powell's Easter service yesterday:

We have thoughts that crucify and thoughts that save--and we can choose to crucify or redeem ourselves. We can choose to cross out thoughts that aren't serving us anymore and clear the way for good.



Melita said...

you and your husband are so cute!! and those are some sassy glasses!!

Yogadiva said...

Thank you! Sassy is the perfect word for them!