Friday, April 3, 2009

lotus flowers

I love lotus flowers. I think they are beautiful and really appreciate what they sybolically represent! This is a photo of my most recent purchase from seller jeweledblossoms. She has a wide variety of very fun jewelry and to add to that, she writes little vignettes to go along with each piece. How sweet! Here's what she wrote about this unique lotus flower necklace:

"From time to time, I've seen the soul bloom in my closest of friends. It's when I've seen them at their most radiant - when they've opened themselves up wholeheartedly, no hint of cautious hesitancy or safety nets to catch them if they fall. It's when they've really found what they've been looking for... the very thing that awakens a passion within them.The Soul in Bloom necklace is composed of a beautiful sterling silver lotus blossom and a ultra shiny sterling silver leaf which dangles from either end of a sterling silver chain measuring 18" (45 cm). The lotus blossom measures just under 3/4" in width. It's for those moments in life when you really see the Soul Bloom."

Spring is the perfect time to let your Soul bloom!


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Melita said...

that is a beautiful necklace. i also adore lotus flowers, i just recently put some up on my blog (just pics b/c they are so inspiring). that is a wonderful description that was sent with it as well.