Tuesday, July 15, 2008

positive self statements

In working with students who have mental health issues, it is apparent that most of them have very low self-esteem and spend a great deal of their time thinking poorly about themselves--and much of the time their negative thoughts are completely irrational. I would say that this is something some adults may struggle with, too.

I've written quite a bit about the importance of positive self-talk to maintaining good mental health. The first step is to become aware of the negative mental tape recorder we might have playing in our heads. Then, we must stop the tape, and create a new, more positive one.

Here are some positive self statements that you can use (pick and choose the ones you most need at this point in your life, and if you are really struggling, it is also helpful to write them down on a daily basis):
  • I have the power to control my health and wellness.
  • I am always connected to the Divine Spirit in the Universe.
  • I trust my inner being in partnership with Spirit to lead me in the right path.
  • I attract only healthy relationships.
  • I am willing and open to receive blessings daily.
  • I am rewarded for all the work I do.
  • I am open to learning from others.
  • I am passionate and able to create a life that reflects my values.
  • I am joy-filled and fun to be with.
  • I think big and allow myself to accept even more good in my life.
Love your self, love your life.


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